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Pellets, a 100% natural and renewable fuel consisting exclusively of waste and by-products of biomass from forests
Wood Pellets

The wood pellets are small agglomerates made up exclusively of residues forest biomass and by-products of the forestry industry duly crushed and dried.

This is a solid bio-fuel 100% natural, renewable and with zero emissions in terms of CO2.

Pellets present a high heating power, of about 18 MJ/kg, which corresponds to about 5 kWh/kg, ensuring for a quite efficient combustion. Highlighting, the high density of the pellets superior to 650 Kg/m3 and allowing for an excellent optimization of resources mainly transport, handling and storage.

The pellets already play a significant role in the thermal and electrical European panorama, being an economic and energy-efficient alternative for the usage of forest biomass for the production of thermal and electric energy.

The pellets are produced for the sector of the industrial and commercial market, Namely for thermal-electric centres, thermal and industries that use heat and steam, and commercial establishments, being supplied in bulk and in big-bags. In parallel, we have the residential market sector, being the supply ensured essentially big-bag bags, but also in bulk.


There is a total commitment to quality of our product, through regular monitoring of the conditions demanded by our customers. Internally we have a quality department that constantly monitors the characteristics of the product, using either internal or external laboratory analyses.

Currently there is a seal of quality European ENplus A1 which includes the entire value chain of wood pellets. Enerpellets was subject to a thorough process of certification by SGS, and is currently capable of producing and marketing wood pellets with an ENplus A1 certification, this being, maximum level of quality wood pellets.

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