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We produce energy for the whole world, preserving and appreciating the forest.

Enerpellets arose from an initiative from a group of professionals with highly professional experience in the management of companies, who identified an opportunity, widely export oriented, in the chain value of the production of thermal and electrical energy.

Enerpellets has its activity in the energy chain as a producer of solid renewable based fuel, forest biomass pellets in two manufacturing plants located in Pedrogão Grande and Alcobaça, both in the Leiria district. Its solid fuel allows for the production of both energies, electric and thermal. Enerpellets serves different market segments including industrial, commercial and domestic. The effective annual production capacity is about 250,000 tons of pellets.

Enerpellets has a relevant national and regional importance as it exports virtually all of its production, and it does not register importation, in other words it contributes to the National Added Value of 100%. In regional terms, it directly employs over 80 collaborators and indirectly generates over five hundred work posts, providing to many micro and small companies a regular income and allowing for them to escape conjectural crisis in other sectors of the timber scope.

It is also important to mention Enerpellets’ role in the preservation and appreciation of the forests, as well as our contribution in their cleaning and, consequently, the reduction of the risk of forest fires.


To ensure the production and commercialization of pellets to biomasses from forests, with high quality and efficiency standards, as well as to explore the upstream and downstream of all the opportunities provided by the value chain.


As a company and professionals, we value professionalism, responsibility and innovation with the aim of seeing satisfied the requirements of our end customers.

Production Unit of Pedrogão Grande

The production unit located in Pedrogão Grande began, still in its project phase in 2007 with its taking off in 2009. At the time, it was one of the largest pellets production units in Europe and the largest on the Iberian Peninsula.

The effective annual production capacity is 140,000 tons, being that the characteristics of the pellets produced there, are essentially for the industrial and commercial market, ensuring a great commitment with its quality. This unit is provided March 2015 certified for the production of pellets D6 mm, with ENplus-class A1 in bulk.

Produces wood pellets from the local raw material species, mainly pine (Pinus Pinaster). The unit has the capability to process the raw material when in nature (pulpwood and waste biomass) or when sub-product (woodchips, sawdust and offcuts).
In terms of equipment, the production unit is equipped with a selected set of equipment, widely tested in this industry, to which were added engineering details internally developed as a result of an already acquired experience.

The localization in Pedrogão Grande is a strategic choice, since it is set up amongst the largest forested area in Portugal, which enables for a proximity to the raw material.
Since production is mainly transported by boat it was made available in the harbour of Figueira da Foz a logistic infrastructure for loading vessels.
This port was chosen due to its relative proximity to Pedrogão, as well as the fact of being the largest port in the centre of Portugal for bulk freight.

The transportation of the pellets to the Figueira da Foz port is ensured by lorry, benefiting from excellent road infrastructures.

Production Unit of Alcobaça

In 2011, the installation of a new unit of pellets’ production was initiated, this time in Alcobaça, inaugurated in September 2012. This unit, was designed as to be flexible, thus being able to produce pellets for the commercial and domestic sectors. It is also prepared with maximum flexibility in terms of receiving raw materials, it can process pulpwood, wood chips, sawdust or offcuts, it also has a great capacity equipment to husk the pine logs, managing through this mean to reduce the ash content in the final product. This unit has an annual production capacity of 110.000 tonnes, being possible for the final product to be supplied in bulk, sack and big-bags.

Once part of the production is shipped by boat, at the Port of Aveiro was built an automatic logistics infrastructure for loading boats, since the pellets has the Enplus A1 quality. This port was selected for its relative proximity to Alcobaca, as well as the fact that it is the largest port in the center of Portugal for bulk cargoes.

The transport of the pellets from the Unit to the Port of Aveiro is guaranteed by lorry, benefiting from excellent motorways.

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